Walls for Wisdom – LPS in Cambodia

Welcome to the ‘Walls for Wisdom – LPS in Cambodia’ blog.

As we all know, Lynbrook Primary School helps support the FKC School (Future for Khmer Children) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Over the past 12 months we have had many fundraisers, with the money raised going towards helping build a village school for students in a more remote area.

The Nokor Krao School began being built earlier this month and this school holidays Mr. Payne, Miss Waldron, Miss Phillips and I are heading over to Cambodia to help in the Siem Reap school and to see how the village school’s construction is coming along. We will also be taking over all the toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap which was generously donated by the families of LPS.

We will keep you updated on our trip by posting photos and updates on this blog. You too can message us to see how we are going, to ask questions or just to say hello.

We can’t wait till 12:45am Friday morning when our Asia Air flight will take us up, up and away!

2 thoughts on “Walls for Wisdom – LPS in Cambodia

  1. So pleased to be able to see the wonderful work you are doing at the Cambodian schools. You must be looking forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of the children when you hand out the toiletries.
    So proud of all of you and the commitment you are making to improve the lives of children and give them the best gift of all – an education.

    • Thanks so much Sue! We’ve had an absolute blast so far. Keep an eye on this page, as we’ve got some great shots of the kids and the new building at the village school.

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